The Wild Sea

The Calm Before The Storm
Session B.1

Waking refreshed in the Welcome Inn, Baldasaar, Atticus, and Uuri learned that Guard Captain Tristane's underhanded dealings were just business as usual for An'Dorat and, determined not to complete his task, instead went to Rumblewroth Manor to report his intent to steal from Baroness Adelaide. The aasimar seneschal Shiree was seemingly not pleased to speak with them, but did offer a hefty reward of a bag of magic beans and a respectable amount of gold should they sneak into the Guard Captain's office and plant a small glass scrying eye where it would not be discovered. She also assured them that when the Baroness returned to town the following week, she would ensure they had no more trouble within the city's bounds. They quickly accepted if for no reason other than to spite Tristane.

While resting and discussing their plans, Atticus made a large sum of money gambling and playing his battered dulcimer, and befriended the hobgoblin Kagen and a couple of her beastfolk shipmates. Baldasaar quickly integrated himself into the good graces of a gossipy knitting circle, but struggled to attend to his more vampiric needs. And Uuri found his ear bent by a traveling peacock wizard working on his college thesis, who proved happy to identify any magic items the group might bring him to study.

Session A.0

Grosh and Aaqac have recently found themselves taking odd jobs with Melusine's operation on an island off Volksende, up in the northern stretches of the Torn Coast. They were contacted by Prrinya, a tabaxi member of the Volksende thieves' guild - not any shadier than their usual clientele - concerned about a missing shipment that had failed to arrive several weeks ago. The guild's scouts had located the shipwreck and contracted the trio to retrieve their missing goods: a large stone statue and a crystal rod, both magical. The party's payment would be free pick of the rest of the goods on the ship.

The three acquired extra hands in the form of Mel's cousins, Gili and Riel, and five assorted dock randos between smuggling jobs, and set out early the next morning, hoping to make good time and complete the job before the approaching storm hit. They found the ship washed partially ashore on a small rocky isle. Making their way inside, they found the ship's contents to be quite thoroughly destroyed, and a large hole in the hull of the hold, though they could not ascertain its cause.

In the hold they found the statue - one arm broken off completely - and some salvageable goods, but no trace of the crystal rod.

Out of the Frying Pan
Session B.0

Baldasaar, Atticus, and Uuri — having been impressed into an uncomfortable servitude on the pirate ship The Greedy Gull — finally made their escape as the ship docked in the small port city of An'Dorat, to avoid being caught out at sea in an approaching storm. Although it seemed at first their captors had allowed them to leave unremarked, two members of the crew attempted to break into their room at The Salty Swine later that evening. Atticus surprised them by opening the door and felled one pirate easily, but while Baldasaar was attempting to drain the second of blood, armed members of the city guard arrived with suspicious haste and arrested the lot.

The surviving pirate snuck away unnoticed at some point in the confusion, and Baldasaar, Atticus, and Udi were brought before Guard Captain Tristane, who seemed completely uninterested in their pleas of kidnapping and self-defense, and gave them a curious offer — he will drop charges of murder and association with acts of piracy against them if they will break into Baroness Adelaide's manor while she is away and retrieve a certain winged helmet. If they do not do this and return it to him without being traced, they will be prosecuted — or, he said, they can choose to leave the city freely and won't be followed, so long as they do not return.

After some disagreement about the best course of action, the three secured a room for the night further inland at the much more inviting Welcome Inn. In the morning they will have decisions to make, and that storm is still coming.


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